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Do you know many famous pro poker has a kind of career & identity that is similar in the world of Esports? It’s no coincidence that the name of the screen like WCGRIRER or FORTESMARMA refers to different competitive games such as Warcraft 3 or Starcraft 2. Poker has much less media attention in early 2010 compared to popular games such as Starcraft, Warcraft 3 and Counter-Strike, where hundreds of thousands of teenagers are quite eager to compete and take advantage of connecting the same-minded people and playing with them throughout the day – Without having to leave their room! In Korea, many of these players reach the highest gaming level becomes a kind of icon that has their own fan group and a massive future wherever they go play. At that time, the prize money for the top spot in the typical Esports tournament was between $ 5,000 – $ 25,000, a complete amount that approached the massive trophy gift in the modern echports tournament. The gift money was once smaller in the early 2000s, but it was still not enough for most gamers to be a full-time pro. Of course you can get a sponsor on a gift money by doing good in the tournament, but there is still more money to win in poker at that time. Therefore some Esports players tried their hands on poker to make it a professional poker player – and never looked back since! While gift pool gifts in Esports have grown rapidly over the past few years, the online poker industry has seen several declines in Western countries. It is not clear whether the twitch and streaming can immediately save the poker industry, but there are many good content available in Twitch to be enhanced as a player (you might also want to keep looking at our page for upcoming twitching content!) There are many similarities between Esports and gaming when you look closer to them. Let’s go through several key factors that help former gamers succeed with relatively fast in poker:

Factor 1: Universal access to start playing

To start at Esports, you don’t need a big budget – you can buy your chosen game at a cost of between $ 20- $ 50 and basically start playing immediately. The same applies to poker, because you can start with $ 2 in the $ 0.01 / 0.02 game and move up. Many large poker networks offer $ 0.01 / 0.02 as their smallest game, for example PARTYPOKER.

Factor 2: Competitive Environment where players focus & dedicated Excel

Esports gamers can play more than 10 hours of sessions with full focus days on the day. The same dedication is very useful in poker, where you have to really grind your way to become a successful player – no shortcuts here to reach the top.

Factor 3: This game supports fast thinkers and multitaskers

In the same way as you have for macro and micro with fast movements in strategy games such as Stacraft 2, in poker you have to manage multitabling with various situations that appear continuously. No wonder both poker and exporters support players who can process a lot of information quickly and then take action that seems to be the most logical for them.

Factor 4: This game requires constant whereabouts & flow

There is no room for short-term thinking in Esports or Poker – you have to play with your best ability constantly, and analyze your past mistakes to learn from them. But, you should never think of past failures if you want to be a great player. You must enter into a state called the flow if you want to play optimally over a long period of time at once, which is something that is the best gamers and poker players that can be done regularly when they start playing.

Factor 5: Strategic & Psychological Aspects

If you fail to adjust your strategy and tactics so the opponent playing in a way that you haven’t met before, you will lose many opportunities to win in poker and egaming. Great players can anticipate how their opponents will react to the movements thrown into it. Therefore, it remains a step further than your competitor is a priceless skill you must learn to defeat your competitors.

Now after we discuss the reasons why the former Esports player made a big candidate for poker players, let’s step in the background of some of the most interesting egoers turn into a pro poker!

Player Number 1: Bertrand ‘Elky’ Grospellier

Elky used to be among the top Starcraft players in the world, with a highlight of the second finishing career in the virtual world game in the world in 2001 against Terran Legend Slayers_`boxer and won the French WCG in 2003 against Aspeak. Koreans are very competitive people according to Elky – During their time as Pro Gamers in Korea he learned what was needed to defeat one of the most dedicated players in Starcraft’s strategy game, which is often called South Korean national sports. Elky also played Warcraft 3 after it was released in 2002, but the biggest success so far will come later on the way playing games as a profession – meet elky at the poker table! A former Pokerstar Pro team represented Parianpoker, Elky was the first person to ever achieve supernova and supernova elite status in PokerStars, finishing the latter in just 5 months. He has a memorable track record including a total of $ 14 million in the Cashes tournament, two main trophies of the main PokerStars Caribbean $ 8K in 2008 and EPT € 25k roller tall in 2011. He even has a guinness world record played by one hour! In addition to playing poker as a profession, Elky has a desire for Heartsone which has recently become one of the most popular games of Blizzard. In order for him to stay healthy with a busy play schedule, Elky does a regular sports repertoire including Crossfit, weight training and running. He also fasted regularly, especially if there was no healthy food available at places he traveled. You can follow the elky game in Tables online when he streams poker at Twitch.
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Player Number 2: Doug ‘WCGRIDER’ POLL

Pre Suffix WCG in the name of the Doug Poker screen comes from cyberspace games, because Doug likes strategy games like chess since he was 5 years old. Born in Pasadena, California he moved to Raleigh at a young age and competed with the name of the T-Rider screen in the WCG tournament playing Warchraft 3. During his time in college, Doug found a poker game and never had to look back since then. He chose to break up before graduating to be able to play on a full-time online poker site. Despite running a $ 20 deposit to $ 10k on PokerStars, Doug is not a power that must be taken into account at first – he is really ridiculed in the forum, and will regularly post about his poor success even though it puts a lot of effort into an increase as a player. His dedication began to pay off after 2011, and in 2013 he would be considered one of the biggest absolute hold’em holding players. After winning a few millions online, Doug will be an idol for many poker players who aspire high and he starts working on a greater vision to be given back to the poker community by setting up poker upswing in 2015. He also posted videos regularly on Youtube Discussing various topics as the most interesting event occurred in the world of poker and cryptocurrency. In 2017, Doug won the WSOP One Drop High Roller Turnament, beating the field of 130 players and took home the amazing first $ 3.6 million prize. Well, it was a big enough return considering he began poker ten years earlier with a deposit of only 20 dollars!

Player Number 3: Randy ‘Nanonoko’ Lew

Randy Lew began career games in high school, playing fighting games such as Street Fighter and Tekken. Play also through colleges and universities study managerial economics at the same time, Randy got familiar with poker games. He was especially curious about the promotion of supernova elite he saw on PokerStars. He made several deposits online but could not win at first – after some time he managed to add up to 24 tables playing for supernova elite, reaching this title four times during his poker career. Nanonoko is known as the main grinder, because he has played more than 4m hand money winning a total of $ 2.6m. He basically plays more hands in one day that most people play in a week. The chart of cash games is some of the most painful 6max graphics you can find, such as consistent style playing does not cause a lot of lumps on the road after it really dedicates time and energy to poker. There is so much information through his head when 24-tabling that he needs to take advantage of – no wonder Randy describes the session as a sort of trans he falls into, where all the points are only hands connecting after the hands! Randy’s motto is to believe in what you do, and do it hard. He has openly stated that the ethos of work is the main reason behind a very successful career in Poker Online. Playing competitive video games must have helped the Randy transition for poker, as a aspect of trying to defeat other players and find out how he can get the edge of competition is a useful mindset to have in poker too.

Player Number 4: Pauli ‘Fattelismies’ Ayras

Pauli aka Fertilismies Starting Competitive Game Career Playing Good Counter-Strike and Starcraft 2. In SC2 Pauli is one of the top players in Finland, playing in 2011 WCG Finland Qualifier Finals with ‘Namutin’ screenname. When he found a poker though, he quickly realized the opportunity was much bigger moneywise in playing poker online rather than competing in Esports. Since the transition to Poker, Fattilismies have played high risk and nosebleeds at 6max and Hu Holdem with the best poker players in the world for several years now, and in addition to playing poker in the highest bets he has bet up to 6 points on sports. Favorite sports to bet on the ice / NHL, Boxing and UFC hockey. Lately he has also been taken on PLO too, where he has more than 300K pile playing HU on the partypoker. You can follow Pauli’s life on Instagram. Fattelismies have stated it motivates to finally see the poker account balance to transfer to the real-life things of concrete, such as the new white Audi RS7 and Rolex watches. In addition to material things, he has obtained a large number of respect in the high-risk poker community by becoming one of the toughest opponents you can face in Holdem’s no-limit. Because he was young, Fattilismies had not crossed the $ 1M milestone in a live tournament victory, but the online track record was more than compensating for those great life tournaments win. And rest assured – it’s just a matter of time before he won tons in a live tournament too!

List of ex echports players turn into professional poker with games:

– Starcraft
– Warcraft III.
– Counter-strike

Conclusion – Both professional pokers and echports need a lot of dedication and the same skills to develop on them, and therefore many gamers have made the transition from Esports to Poker successfully. Do you have what it takes to be the next?