Establishing Up Your Casino Poker HUD Statistics

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A HUD is a really practical device that’s one-of-a-kind to on the internet casino poker that assists us envision real-time information concerning our challengers. Casino poker is a video game of info, and also the much a lot extra we have actually, the much far better we need to have the ability to play. So establishing your casino poker HUD, utilizing the most effective statistics, and also gleaning the proper info could offer you a significant benefit.

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word omaha

Setting Up Your Casino Poker HUD.

Utilizing a casino poker HUD is something you need to greatly think about, presuming you’re not utilizing one currently. However info is pointless unless you comprehend how you can make use of it. So this lead will be about the HUD statistics you could think about utilizing – and also how you can utilize them much far better.

If you wish to conserve on your own time and also acquire a premade casino poker HUD that consists of every one of the statistics and also personalized popups that I utilize, order the Ninja HUD for simply $9 today, Essentials HUD Statistics:

VPIP: VPIP is among the crucial statistics. It informs us exactly just how commonly our challengers are placing loan right into the pot willingly (so publishing the blind and also never ever placing an additional cent right into the pot that hand doesn’t matter as VPIP). I directly color-code this stat so I could promptly see if a person is having fun a lot of hands, also couple of, and also obtain a fast concept on their gamer kind.

PFR: This stat goes together with VPIP (and also is likewise color-coded). It informs us exactly just how commonly this gamer is elevating preflop. This stat need to be absorbed factor to consider with VPIP. A 15% PFR may appear high, however there’s a large distinction in gamer kind in between a 17/15 and also a 72/15. This stat could likewise be greatly linked with ATS.

AF & AFq: These numbers are made use of to promptly determine aggression. A high AF (Aggression Variable) or AFq (Aggression Regularity) indicates that a player’s activities are normally much a lot extra hostile compared to easy. AF considers this in proportion develop and also contrasts hostile activities to easy activities (so an AF of 4 suggests they basically take a hostile activity 4 times as commonly as they take a easy one), and also AFq considers this number via a portion develop.

ATS (Try To Steal) : A player’s try to take allows us recognize exactly just how commonly a gamer attempts to take the blinds in casino poker. It offers us a prompt concept of the player’s positional understanding which is vital to us. So a gamer may be 16/13 with an ATS of 35%, and also an additional 16/13 with an ATS of 15%. The gamer with the ATS of 15% isn’t really positionally mindful, and also does not weight hands played from LP similarly the greater 35% ATS gamer would certainly.

3B: This stat informs us exactly just how commonly a gamer 3 wagers preflop. This stat could aid us mount a gamers vary and also regularity when they 3B, however could likewise aid us make use of a casino poker gamer whether we take or make a particular play preflop (such as 4b/fold up/level). Make certain to examine positional statistics on 3B’s, as several gamers are limited 3B’rs in EP/MP, however have actually huge 3B varies from the switch and also blinds (generally because of their high resteal %s).

CB: Understanding exactly just how commonly a gamer CB’s the flop is crucial to us. If a gamer has actually a high CB, claim 80%+, after that we understand that they’ll most of the times terminate a flop CB no matter of their hand worth. If a gamer has actually a reduced CB, claim 40%, and also they terminate a flop CB, we could presume they most likely have actually a more powerful hand worth. Bear in mind, hand worths are family member, so take whatever with a significant grain of salt such as constantly.

Hands: An additional crucial stat. We constantly wish to take example dimension right into factor to consider. If we have actually 500 practical a person, after that we could presume their statistics are much a lot extra “genuine” compared to a person with just 30 hands. I think about 200 hands a beginning example, 500 a suitable example dimension, and also 1K+ an excellent example dimension. However likewise bear in mind that individuals do transform their designs. So I just reveal statistics from the last 3months for gamers. Old statistics are pointless if they were 11/7 today play 16/14.

Intermediate HUD Statistics.

FoldvCB: This is a really practical stat for us. If we understand that a gamer is folding a lots of CB’s, after that we would certainly wish to CB our air generally, no matter of appearance, due to the fact that they tend to simply fold up straight-out. If we understand that a gamer has actually a reduced FoldvCB, claim 35%, after that we would certainly wish to worth wager non-stop them such as a feind, and also either think about not CB-ing or tossing numerous barrels as a bluff.

Foldv3B: For gamers that resteal a whole lot, this stat is a have to. It informs us exactly just how commonly this gamer folds up when dealing with a 3-Bet. This might suggest that they open up elevated, or also that they through-called and also obtained 3B. If I am ever before mosting likely to think about a resteal, I wish to examine exactly just how commonly this gamer steals and also after that I could do some straightforward O-Range vs. Cont-Range estimations to see if I could make an straight-out successful 3B.

FoldvTurnCB: This allows us recognize exactly just how commonly our challengers are folding in areas that we increase preflop, CB flop, and also terminate the transform once once more. This works both when we are bluffing (making use of light floaters with hefty transform continuance varies) or VB-ing (making use of gamers that seldom launch a set as the pot proceeds to expand). Once once more, you could likewise utilize “CallvTurnCB” if you’re a TAG and also taking into consideration going with numerous barrels with such as KQ on a Qxxx board.

WTSD: A stat I do not directly go on my HUD, however it absolutely has actually use. If you see a person has actually a really high WTSD, after that you recognize that they are seldom launching solitary set hands, and also they have a tendency to obtain really sticky with hands they consider beneficial. Make certain to maintain VPIP in mind when taking into consideration this stat. A 12/10 that has actually a WTSD of 25% isn’t also shut to the individual having fun 60/5 with a WTSD of 25%.

W$@SD: An additional stat I do not directly utilize in real-time. This stat informs us exactly just how commonly they win loan when they reach face-off. This is practical for understanding exactly just how commonly they are reaching SD with weak vs. solid hands. This stat need to be considered with WTSD in mind. If you see an 18/12 with a WTSD: 16% and also W$@SD: 60%, after that you recognize they are reaching SD just with the toughest hands, and also generally launching low things someplace along the line.

Progressed HUD Statistics.

Blind Details Fold up & Resteal: I am simply beginning to utilize these regularly in my very own video game, and also they are extremely practical as the video game ends up being much a lot extra hostile in regards to swiping and also restealing. I maintain both the SB resteal&foldvsteal and also the BB resteal&foldvsteal up currently. I do not should maintain “callvsteal” up due to the fact that 100-resteal-foldvsteal = callvsteal…and once once more, my HUD property is also priceless to squander on points I could determine myself in.2 secs.

FoldvFlopCR: This is likewise valuable when I flop large hands. Claim I flop a collection however their FoldvFlopCR is 85%. After that I most likely do not wish to CR them as they’ll fold up frequently. So possibly I think about a examine/phone telephone call flop and also donk transform. Or think about a examine/phone telephone call flop and also CR transform. Once once more, a line transform that I never ever would certainly have actually taken into consideration efficiently unless I had the info offered.

RiverCallWin%: I like this stat. It allows me recognize exactly just how commonly they win when they phone telephone call the river. Currently I can not simply utilize this as a stat, however I could take it right into factor to consider of the whole hand. If I take the donk line (wager flop/examine transform/wager river), and also recognize they have actually a really reduced RiverCallWin%, after that I could think about possibly wagering a squeeze much a lot extra when I am VB-ing. I likewise recognize not to bluff the rivers versus he or she due to the fact that they’ll terminal it commonly.

HUD Stand out Up: As you obtain more powerful with statistics and also your example dimensions start to improve specific gamers, you could begin utilizing your appear to have more described info on your challengers. The points I examine one of the most commonly:

EP PFR: If I see a person is a 15/12 and also they increase UTG, I do not actually obtain an excellent concept on their vary from there. I could presume it’s limited, however there’s a significant distinction in my play if a gamer has actually a 5% increase from UTG vs. a 11% increase from UTG. The appear could offer me an extra described appearance at their “precise” vary from each placement. A tighter EP PFR has the tendency to suggest they have actually the toughest of hands and also there are much a lot extra IO versus their vary.

3B% By Placement: If a gamer is 14/12 and also has actually a 3b: 3% I may not have the ability to attract also a lot from that. However if I see that individual has actually an EP3B: 0%, MP3B: 1%, LP3B: 5% and also Blinds3B: 7%, I could begin to obtain a concept on exactly just how they are 3B-ing generally. So if he or she 3B’s my steals, I could see they are most likely doing it with a bigger vary typically, and also could think about either 4B-ing or drifting because of having actually much a lot extra info.

3B + CB: I do not maintain this stat on my typical HUD, however will habitually examine my appear (also in the past I determine to level a 3B) to strategy out whether I am drifting great deals of flops, particularly with average sets. If a person is 3B-ing vast, and also not CB-ing commonly, after that I recognize I could drift much a lot extra freely and also stab when they examine to me.

Phone telephone call Open up Increase: This is a stat I am taking into consideration placing on my HUD. This assists me place a person on an extra defined vary when they phone telephone call my open up increases. If I see their COR is 5% after that I recognize they are actually just calls my open up increases with sets (22-QQ). If it’s larger, after that I could see they are calls bigger and also bigger (going from SC’s, to BBs, etc)

Correlation In between HUD Statistics: Statistics could serve by themselves, however if we appearance at statistics paired with various other statistics, we could obtain an extra legitimate photo and also much a lot extra proper concept of a gamer. This area will appearance at stat correlation that I utilize to obtain a far better concept of varies, gamer kinds, as well as mount a strategy for a hand.

VPIP & PFR Space: I don’t utilize AF/AFq as I have actually located hardly any use for it in my gamer profiling experience. However, I obtain a smart idea of aggression based upon this space. Claim we have actually a gamer that is 15/X. If that gamer has actually fairly little space, after that I could presume that gamer is much a lot extra hostile.

However likewise keep in mind that I have actually made use of words “fairly” a fair bit. Claim we have actually 2 gamers. A 12/10 and also a 42/10. Both have actually a PFR of 10, however they are both really various gamer kinds provided the size in space. We could likewise utilize it from a “exactly just how much is the space” POV. Claim we have actually a 14/10 (with a 4 factor space) and also after that a person that is 24/18 (a 6 factor space).

ATS & 3B: Let’s have a look at 2 various gamers. One is 15/12 with an ATS: 35% and also 3b: 4%. The various other is a 15/12 with an ATS: 16% and also 3b: 4%. Both have actually the exact very same VPIP/PFR/3B%, however we see that their ATS vary dramatically. So what could we infer from this?

Well we could presume that the gamer with the greater ATS is much a lot extra positionally mindful. They comprehend having fun great deals of hands from LP v EP, and also they take as an impact of that recognizing. However, we see they have actually the exact very same 3B%, so why do we treatment?

ATS/Blind Details Resteal & Foldv3B: I directly like this as it makes my preflop life a wind in hostile positional circumstances. Currently, it might appear such as a discomfort to appearance at a lot at the same time, however it obtains much less complicated the much a lot extra you do it. This correlation most of the times offers me a concept on their Foldv4B. We cannot actually utilize the all-natural Foldv4B stat due to the fact that we most of the times do not have actually a huge example dimension on exactly just how a gamer responds to 4B’s, esp 4B’s in a details scenario.

Limp/Phone telephone call & FoldvCB: I like utilizing this mix of statistics for separating gamers. If I see a gamer has actually a Limp/Phone telephone call of 80% and also a FoldvCB of 80%, after that you could be damn certain that I am mosting likely to separate them with ATC. I will most likely also dimension my increase bigger due to the fact that I recognize they are mosting likely to phone telephone call a heap preflop and also offer it up a heap postflop. This is simply publishing loan, and also I such as publishing loan.

FoldvCB & FoldvTurnCB: Being I play a really hostile design, these statistics with each other make postflop play a lot easier. The correlation in between these 2 statistics could make line preparation, also from preflop, 90x much less complicated. Claim we have actually a gamer that has actually a FoldvCB: 40% and also a FoldvTurnCB: 90%. This suggests this gamer tends to drift CB’s freely, however just proceed onwards from the transform with the toughest of their hands.


When having fun, think about utilizing statistics that function well for you, as well as think about exactly just how the statistics interrelate so we could make much a lot extra optimum choices. Great deals of these correlations I have actually covered I have actually seen via my very own post-sessions evaluation of gamers. They are all relatively rational, and also I’m certain there are hundreds that I have actually yet to discover. Constantly be aiming to see exactly just how you could utilize various statistics to find up with much far better lines (in sizing/preparation/our hand vary) while having fun.

With any luck this assists a heap for those of you brand-new to statistics and also HUDs. This need to be an excellent beginner factor obtaining you far from the default HUDs. Once once more, casino poker is a video game of info, so obtain info and also procedure it as ideal as feasible to earn life much less complicated and also much a lot extra successful.

If you wish to go more, I recommend ordering the Progressed PokerTracker 4 Load that includes both of my personalized HUDs (NINJA & Bacon) bonus educating video clips revealing you how you can assess your very own statistics, discover your very own leakages, and also also do hardcore stat failures on your challengers so you could discover their weak points from a analytical point of view. Or, if you do not have actually PT4 yet, you could order a 30-day cost-free test and also see exactly just how superb this software program is…


  • HUDs ready.
  • Choice statistics that function well in your very own playstyle.
  • Specific statistics associate greatly with various other statistics that could offer us excellent quantities of info.
  • Discover stat correlation by yourself to discover points that benefit you.
  • Appreciate and also all the best!