Poker Quotes: Words and Wisdom on the Game

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Poker’s special mix of betting, expertise, wagering, and feigning blended in with a tad bit of the Old West make it an exceptionally appealing game. Its legend, history, and legends have generated a profound scholarly custom not seen different arrangements. That incorporates various citations and expressions with novel useful tidbits from the absolute most vivid characters and card sharks.

From appealing and comical colloquialisms to profound contemplations about existence, poker offers a lot of witticisms from players who’ve had a lot of time at the tables for reflection.

Here’s a gander at a portion of those intriguing remarks and comments from a portion of the game’s greats just as other people who have sat down at the felt.

room poker
room poker

Awful Beats and Bad Decisions

“I was worn out, somewhat the more terrible for drink, fly slacked and tipsy – four out of four conditions in which one should absolutely not play poker in Las Vegas.”

– Anthony Holden

Now and then it’s ideal to go to the lodging – this poker creator evidently knows direct.

“Losing resembles smoking. It’s propensity shaping.”

– Puggy Pearson

The old fashioned legend offers a few words to live by – keep away from both.

“At the point when I experience a terrible beat, I consider it an overhead. On the off chance that you own a business, you need to take care of your bills, and I consider an awful beat one of my bills.”

– Jennifer Harman

The poker legend offers some decent knowledge on those difficult hands that leave you disappointed.

“In the event that I lose, I don’t care about the cash, however I simply disdain the shame of being beaten.”

– Jack Straus

The Texan and Poker Hall of Famer won a lot in the course of his life.

“You call, going to be all over child.”

– Scotty Nguyen

All things considered, Kevin McBride called and the 1998 WSOP Main Event title was Nguyen’s. It was anything but a feign.

Cards, Hands and Table Skills

“Poker is a ton like sex. Everybody thinks they are the awesome, most have no idea what they are doing.”

– Dutch Boyd

Ideally, some concentration and experience can beat those deficiencies.

“The excellent thing about poker is that everyone figures they can play.”

– Chris Moneymaker

The man that dispatched the poker blast likewise acknowledges even beginners can ascend to the top.

“The greater part of the cash you’ll succeed at poker comes not from the brightness of your own play, but rather from the idiocy of your rivals.”

– Lou Krieger

The poker player and author cherished the game and considered it to be skirmish of brains.

“In case there is one ‘X-factor’ that joins all extraordinary poker players, it’s their ability to play forceful poker.”

– Phil Gordon

Hesitancy will not complete it at the poker table.

“Genuine poker is not any more about betting than rock climbing is tied in with facing challenges.”

– Al Alvarez

The renowned writer’s book Biggest Game around was quick to feature the WSOP.

“The one who never feigns always loses.”

– Oswald Jacoby

This old schooler ruled at poker and connect and may have been forward thinking.

“Hold’em is to stud what chess is to checkers.”

– Johnny Moss

Players are continually looking for those Kings, Queens – and a pleasant checkmate.

“Simply play each hand, you can’t miss them all.”

– Sammy Farha

The sprinter up to Moneymaker in the 2003 Main Event experience his philosophy.


“At the point when your rival’s sittin’ there holdin’ every one of the Aces, there’s only one thing to do: kick over the tables.”

– Dean Martin

The entertainer and vocalist obviously didn’t warmly embrace miscreants.

“Most players are suckers who can’t spot screwy card moves in any event, when carelessly executed.”

– John Scarne

The creator and master card controller might have thought that it was hard to get activity.

“The one who cheats is a bonehead obviously. He swindles different players as well as himself, too. He swindles himself of confidence and the delight of the game.”

– Nick Dandalos

This statement was in the book Gambling Secrets of Nick The Greek – subsequent to being cheated by a player he recently saw as a companion.

“Trust everybody, except consistently cut the cards.”

– Benny Binion

The organizer of the World Series of Poker was no fanatic of miscreants.

“Poker is a mix of karma and expertise. Individuals think dominating the ability part is hard, however they’re off-base. The secret to poker is dominating the karma.”

– Jesse May

No word if the writer dominated the karma variable however he composed a couple of good poker books to look at.

Round of Poker

“Breaking point poker is a science, however no-restriction is a craftsmanship. In limit, you are taking shots at an objective. In no-restriction, the objective wakes up and takes shots back at you.”

– Crandell Addington

The Poker Hall of Famer is short and concise on what makes the game extraordinary.

“The dependence on poker is more noteworthy than the dependence on smoking.”

– Tom McEvoy

Ideally the 1983 WSOP Main Event champ didn’t do both.

“Poker is war. Individuals imagine it is a game.”

– Doyle Brunson

Texas Dolly gets genuine about his round of decision.

“A poker player needs to luck out – similarly that Warren Buffet gets fortunate playing the financial exchange quite a long time after year.”

– Phil Gordon

Like the Oracle of Omaha, top poker players are capable and smart – and hoping to trade out.

“The two things you should be effective in poker are, first, discover the waste, and second, don’t play your own cash.”

– David “Devilfish” Ulliott

The Englishman was clearly an early supporter of poker marking.

“I accept that poker is a group game played with cards, not simply a game played by individuals.”

– Juan Carlos Mortensen

The 2001 WSOP Main Event champ has some huge individuals understanding abilities.

“Baseball resembles a poker game. No one needs to stop when he’s losing; no one needs you to stop when you’re ahead.”

– Jackie Robinson

Sounds like the baseball legend was a player and most players would concur with his view.

Entertaining Quotes

“May the failure be with you.”

– Doyle Brunson

The poker legend adding a touch of Star Wars mainstream society to his card playing.

“Last night I kept awake until late playing poker with Tarot cards. I got a full house and four individuals kicked the bucket.”

– Steven Wright

The lifeless comic riffing in front of an audience. If by some stroke of good luck players could peruse what’s to come.

“To be a poker champion you should have a solid bladder.”

– Jack McClelland

The poker player obviously accepted time away from the table means missed rewards.

“What I think about poker you can find a way into a thimble with room left finished, however I’m learning.”

– Wilford Brimley

The entertainer may merit sitting down close to at the poker table.

“The following best thing about betting and winning is betting and losing.”

– Nick Dandalos

“The Greek” was consistently up for some activity.

“Poker has the sensation of a game, yet you don’t need to do push-ups.”

– Penn Gillette

The celebrated entertainer’s card abilities might have many staying away from him at the table.

Motivation And Motivation

“Life, similar to poker, has a component of hazard. It shouldn’t be kept away from. It ought to be confronted.”

– Edward Norton

The star of “Rounders” is clearly a player himself.

Edward Norton”All you need is a chip and a seat.”


This is perhaps the most well known platitudes in pokerand accepted to have started when Jack Straus won the 1982 WSOP Main Event in the wake of being left with a solitary chip.

“Everything I did was eat, rest, and inhale competition poker and the outcomes showed that.”

– Daniel Negreanu

Child Poker ruled on the World Poker Tour in 2004, winning two occasions and making the last table in two more. A lot of achievement has followed.

“Life isn’t generally an issue of holding great cards, yet once in a while playing a helpless hand well.”

– Jack London

The creator with some with an amazing examination between life at the table and life in nature.

“One day a sucker, the following day a boss. What a distinction daily makes in competition poker!”

– Mike Sexton

The long-lasting WPT pundit offers some expect all players.

“Poker uncovers to the straight to the point onlooker something different of import. It will show him his own temperament. Numerous terrible players don’t improve in light of the fact that they can’t bear self-information.”

– David Mamet

The dramatist and poker player offers a few words that may resound with many players.

Extreme Talk

“In case there weren’t karma included, I would win without fail.”

– Phil Hellmuth

The 15-time wristband champ satisfying his epithet – The Poker Brat.

“Show me a decent washout, and I’ll show you a failure.”

– Stu Ungar

The three-time WSOP Main Event champion didn’t beat around the bush.

“On the off chance that you can’t recognize the sucker in the principal half hour at the table, then, at that point you are the sucker.”

— Mike McDermott (played by Matt Damon) in the film Rounders

This is a familiar axiom from the business world yet made well known for poker in the film. It surely sounds valid.

“I’m totally going to win it, since I’m savage. I find a spot at the poker table and my responsibility is to obliterate individuals.”

– James Woods

The amazing entertainer carries a lot of abilities with his cards and chips.

“Those chips are your weapons, your stockpile. It you’re reluctant to utilize them, don’t play.”

– Doyle Brunson

This poker legend is surely never scared of utilizing his weapons – normally winning a lot of fights.

“I never go searching for a sucker. I search for a hero and make a sucker out of him.”

– Amarillo Slim Preston

One of poker’s initial stars had numerous platitudes and wasn’t apprehensive about a little braggadocio.

“I can avoid disasters, child.”

– Phil Hellmuth

The Poker Brat is never timid about gloating.

“Do whatever it takes not to believe you’re